Evan Jones Your Queer story

Evan Jones

Show Host

Evan Jones is a proud transgender man and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. He fancies himself as an amateur historian and spends his free time reading and researching a variety of topics. His personal passions are queer history and religion. Raised in a fundamentalist cult in the 90’s and 2000’s, and later rejected by that cult for his identity and orientation, it is no wonder that he has a particular interest in these subjects.

Evan’s goal is to bring awareness and hope to the queer community. As well as to remind them, and everyone else, that we are just as much a part of history as any other individual or demographic. Our people have signed the same documents declaring freedom and liberation, our people have fought in the same battles and bled on the same soil. We have stood in the same crowds protesting for equal labor rights, women’s rights and civil rights. It is important that others, but especially our own community, understand that we have always been here and that we have done more than enough to earn our place and our name in history.