Homocrats! – Last week we took you to Sunday school and this week we take you to hell. In our first episode in the Queer Bad Guys series, we tackle notorious serial killer and gay man, Jeffrey Dahmer.

Jeffrey DahmerWhile you have certainly heard some parts of this story, and maybe more if you’re a true crime fan, we cover many of the LGBTQ centered details often overlooked. We also bring the perspective of two queers covering a queer who targeted queers. To put it bluntly, we queer the whole story up which is what we do best. There is a trigger warning though. Despite our attempts to be lighthearted, this is a serious and gruesome story of a horrible atrocity on the queer community of Milwaukee Wisconsin. So please, proceed with caution. And enjoy the episode you bunch of homocrats!
Episode by Paul Hobbs & Evan Jones