We don’t know much about Lucy Hicks Anderson. Like many people of color living in the U.S. before the Civil Rights movement, her history has been buried beneath a white shrine. Yet we know enough from news articles and fragmented documents to know that Lucy was a badass in every sense of the word.

Lucy Hicks Anderson

Despite the obstacles she faced as a woman and a person of color in the first half of the 1900s, Lucy managed to build several businesses, establish a thriving career, and become a local town favorite. She was able to keep her trans identity a secret for the majority of her life and thus lived a relatively peaceful existence. She even married twice and was deemed an upstanding citizen. But sadly, her world crumbled when her identity was revealed and the town, and nation, turned on her. Listen in and hear this powerful story of a woman who faced down an entire country to be true to herself.
Episode by Paul Hobbs & Evan Jones