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Paul Hobbs is a proud gay man and advocate for the LGBT community. Though traumatic events during his childhood caused him pain during his teenage years, it allowed him to develop a strong understanding of what happiness truly means. He currently lives in Rhode Island with his boyfriend of four years. Paul wants to live in a world where the work week is short, vacation is frequent, bigotry is erased, and health insurance is free for everyone.

During his childhood, Paul Hobbs experienced a few traumatic events that occurred over the course of several years which would shape his understanding of life during his teenage years and cause him to live with PTSD alongside his existing mental health issues. While this caused pain, it increased his understanding of the world and allowed him to understand the true beauty behind happiness, love, life, and acceptance.

Paul Hobbs came out at the age of 18 to his best friend Evan Jones. Though the pair had just met, they would grow extremely close and become inseparable. The pair lived together for several years in Indiana before relocating to the east coast. After coming out, Paul quickly lost 90 pounds and truly solidified himself as a positive and happy individual who would grab life by the horns and push the limits of societal norms.

The biggest influences on Paul’s life are his mother Kim Osteen (who aided him through his mental health issues and is his biggest supporter and ally to the LGBT community), Marsha P. Johnson, Bayard Rustin, Lady Gaga, Ellen, and Chris Colfer. All six of these people projected members of the gay community in a positive manner and allowed him to become the out and proud person he is today.

A digital enthusiast, computer geek, and gamer, Paul Hobbs has been designing websites and working online for over 10 years. When he’s not recording himself, you can find him playing League of Legends, watching ridiculous amounts of Netflix with his boyfriend, enjoying a nice glass of wine, or checking his email for updates on his Amazon orders. When he retires, Paul Hobbs would like to live somewhere warm and away from the typical busy American lifestyle, such as Puerto Rico.

Paul’s goals are to bring love and acceptance to the queer community, increase education on LGBT history and historical figures in schools, educate everyone possible on our history, aid others who are experiencing issues with mental health, and provide resources for those in need. “Our community has fought so long and so hard to be our most authentic selves, and while we have progressed, we still face backlash daily. We must remain active in the fight for equality while also educating everyone possible on queer history to show that we truly have been here all along fighting next to everyone else for equality.” – Paul Hobbs