If you’re reading this and thinking, “Conversion therapy, isn’t that the thing we use to do to cure gay people and trans folk?” Then you’ll be surprised to find out that it’s actually STILL HAPPENING all over the country

Conversion Therapy

Conversion Therapy

During our first segment on this topic we discuss how the foundation for conversion therapy was formed and some of the key players in the early 20th-century practice. We’ll also discuss a few of the original techniques used on the suffering queer individual and yeah, that’s a hint in the title. Homosexuality was originally considered a mental disorder and was used as an excuse to torture our community. So if you’re up to the challenge of listening to these incredibly offensive methods, and if you’re done eating your lunch (because you don’t want to be eating during some of this) then go ahead and join us! Learn about Modern Conversion Therapy. Remember, stay queer, and don’t get a lobotomy!

Episode by Evan Jones and Paul Hobbs

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