Episode 19: Villains of the LGBTQ – I’m Not Gay, You Are!

We go a little off script in this episode but we have a lot of fun doing so. This week we tackle a few of the queer communities biggest “not gay” bigots who ended up being pretty queer themselves.

Not GayI’m not gay, you are!

From meth head preachers to drag queen republicans, there’s enough hypocrisy for all. Hopefully, you’ll pick up a few personal tips from this episode as well. Like, always wiping your email clean. And hiding any pictures of you in lingerie, especially if you’re a United States Senator. So click that download button and get ready to laugh at some Villains that really sucked at their job. And speaking of sucked…. well you’ll just have to hit play.

Episode by Paul Hobbs & Evan Jones

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