Freddie Mercury was a bisexual man, musical legend, and lead singer and songwriter of the band Queen.

Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury

Hello Queerstians! Or should we say… QueeNstians? Whatever. The point is, we’re celebrating the Queen of Queens, Freddie Mercury. While much is known about the career of the iconic artist, little is known about his personal life. We try to dive a little deeper into Freddie’s relationships and personality. But don’t worry, we also talk a lot about the amazing legacy of the band Queen. So let us “rock you”, and try not to crack “under pressure” of our incredible podcasting. And make sure you “don’t stop us now” by forgetting to press the download button and letting “another one bite the dust”. These puns at Queen songs are what you get when Paul rushes Evan to deliver a summary. Anyway, enjoy you queens.

Episode by Paul Hobbs & Evan Jones

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