Despite our insistence that homosexuals have always existed, there have continued to be many throughout the centuries that seem to imply we simply appeared.

Gay Fairies

Homosexuals In Ancient Civilizations

Perhaps that’s where the term “Fairies” really developed because we can instantly appear and not everyone believes we exist. Just kidding, but it’s a nice thought. Anyway, join us as we discuss homosexuality in early European History and how it evolved from acceptable, to somewhat taboo, to downright criminal. You can follow us at @YourQueerStory on both Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re interested in learning some lesbian history, we recommend checking out our episode on the Daughters of Bilitis.

Episode by Evan Jones & Paul Hobbs

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One comment on “1: Back In MY Day We Didn’t Have Homosexuals

  1. Kim osteen says:

    Absolutely wonderful. Entertaining and educational at the same time. Keep up the great work and stay queer ???

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