Today we go a bit off topic and get personal. Some viewers have requested more insight into the cult and environment in which Evan grew up. So in this episode we pull Evan and two of his sisters to discuss the cult of the Independent Fundamental Baptist, also known as the IFB.

Each sibling tells their own story of being inside the IFB, the struggle after leaving, and the way their beliefs and perspectives have shifted since being free of a fundamentalist cult. They also specifically discuss their changing views on LGBTQ+ individuals and how we can help other queer people inside such environments. Join us for a special edition of the podcast and enjoy!


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One comment on “68: Leaving A Cult

  1. Frank Salichs says:

    It’s crazy hope much I relate to each one of you and this was legit the norm!! I’m so happy you guys got out and can see the truth behind all the lies and all the manipulation that went on. This was so good for me because since I’ve left never dated or been with anyone who really understands or gets it; this was actually comforting in a way to hear other people talk about what I’ve always tried to forget.This is definitely something I’m going to make my partner listen to and maybe he will understand a little more where I come from when it comes to how I feel about organized religion. Thank you all so much for this ??????♥️

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