1. Use gender neutral language when discussing sex
    1. Some people with vaginas are men
    2. Some people with penises are women
    3. Some people have ambiguous genitals (intersex)
  2. Include “gay sex” when teaching (vaginal, oral, anal)
    1. Teach douching and hygiene for anal sex
    2. Talk about the importance of lube
    3. Stress that not sex is insertion
  3. Remember to teach queer safe sex
    1. Clean your toys
    2. Use Prep
    3. Get tested regularly for HIV
  4. Know your orientations
    1. Asexuality/Aromantic
    2. Bisexual/pansexual
    3. Straight
    4. Gay/lesbian
    5. Polysexual
  5. Prepare for queer questions
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