For every group that loves to party, there’s always a group of buzzkills ready to ruin that party. The Puritans were the biggest buzzkills of all. And while we certainly wouldn’t want to run into them today, ridiculing them is so much fun.

The Puritans

The Puritans

On this episode of Your Queer Story, we cover a group of people who were not so fond of our community. The Puritans were not only anti-lgbt they were anti-everything! We also delve into a few people who really bucked the system at the time and how one person, in particular, attempted to raise attention to the mass genocide of the Native Americans. So squeeze into your red, white, and blue panties and join us as we learn about the first white ‘Mericans and how they felt towards “sodomites” and “cross-dressers”.  As a bonus, Evan will even throw in a few Bible stories. Listen up Queerstians!

Episode by Evan Jones & Paul Hobbs

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