Reed Erickson, the Trans Philanthropist – I hope you’re excited about this episode because we sure were! Paul was so excited he celebrated with a drink and then got so drunk he can’t remember much of the episode.

Reed Erickson Trans Pride Flag

Reed Erickson

On this episode of Your Queer Story, we cover trans philanthropist Reed Erickson. Paul had a bit too much to drink, but that’s ok because he can listen to it on repeat, especially now that a lot of our audio kinks are fixed. Don’t worry, we didn’t cut out all the kinks (wink wink). So listen in as we talk about this multi-millionaire, eccentric extraordinaire and transgender advocate. The guy who made many of the advances in trans medicine an affordable reality which transgender communities around the world appreciate today. Reed Erickson goes down in history as a transgender icon, just like Marsha P. Johnson. Listen up queermos, you’re gonna like this one.