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The AIDS Crisis

As tens of thousands of United States citizens died from AIDS, the Reagan administration sat idly by. Their ties to the religious right along with extreme homophobia and bigotry allowed them to ignore the spreading disease widly known as the "gay plague".

The AIDS Crisis | Your Queer Story
Today we present the first half of our two-part series on the 1980s AIDS Crisisand the way the epidemic unfolded in America during the first five years it wasuncovered. There are few moments in history that have been darker for ourcommunity than the decade between 1980 and 1990. Almost every sing…
Part 1
The AIDS Epidemic | Your Queer Story
We are continuing our coverage of the AIDS crisis during the 1980s. If you havenot listened to part 1, we strongly encourage that you do so. We begin in 1983when the crisis is finally gaining widespread medical attention. By now, themystery disease had gone through several name changes. Starting …
Part 2

Lilly Wust and Felice Schragenheim

A Nazi and a Jewish resistance fighter fall in love in the middle of world war 2. A woman leaves her husband for a another woman. What could go wrong?

Lilly Wust and Felice Schragenheim | Your Queer Story
In the garden of Eden, Eve gave Adam a piece of forbidden fruit bringing abouthis downfall. And ever since then, if you believe in Biblical legend, humanityhas fallen for one temptation after another. And so it happened again in Berlinin the midst of World War 2. Join us as we tell the incredib…
Part 1
Lilly and Felice, Berlin Brides | Your Queer Story
We’re back with Part 2 of our episode on Lilly Wust and Felice Schragenheim[https://yourqueerstory.com/podcast/felice-schragenheim-and-lilly-wust/]. Whenwe last left off Lilly – a proud Nazi and wife of a German soldier, had just metFelice – who was an undercover Jew and a Resistance Fighter agai…
Part 2

Josephine Baker

Musical artist, French Resistance fighter, spy, civil rights activist, adoptive mother of 12, and drop dead gorgeous are just a few words to describe this incredible bisexual woman. Being the first black woman to become a global celebrity and star in a major feature film made Josephine Baker an influential cabaret siren and fashion icon.

40: Josephine Baker: Her Amazing and Exhausting Life
Hey Queerstians, we’re finally back with another episode about the marvelousJosephine Baker. This woman lived more lives in her 68 years than a dozen peoplecombined. By the end of this episode, you’re bound to either be inspired to conquer theworld or so depressed by your lack of accomplishments…

Lucy Hicks Anderson

Despite the obstacles she faced as a woman and a person of color in the first half of the 1900s, Lucy managed to build several businesses, establish a thriving career, and become a local town favorite. She was able to keep her trans identity a secret for the majority of her life and thus lived a relatively peaceful existence.

37: Lucy Hicks Anderson: The Story of a Transgender Woman of Color in the 1940’s
We don’t know much about Lucy Hicks Anderson. Like many people of color livingin the U.S. before the Civil Rights movement, her history has been buriedbeneath a white shrine. Yet we know enough from news articles and fragmenteddocuments to know that Lucy was a badass in every sense of the word. …

The Public Universal Friend (P.U.F)

The Public Universal Friend defied the standards of gender identity centuries before the modern day genderqueer movement began. As a nonbinary person living in the 1700s, P.U.F was often called a heretic, especially after starting their own religion.

82: The Public Universal Friend (P.U.F)
Happy 2020 to all our listeners! We’re kicking the new year off with theintriguing story of a non-binary spiritual leader. The Public Universal Frienddefied the standards of gender identity centuries before the modern daygenderqueer movement began. They broke down barriers in a variety of ways, …

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

During the winter of 1970, a young, out of work English actor wrote a screenplay out of sheer boredom. Richard O’Brien was considered a bit odd by outsiders. Their feminine expression and love of science fiction caused them not to fit in with societies so called “social norms”. The Rocky Horror Picture Show has gone down in history as one of the most queer, most iconic, and most unique stories of all time.

120: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Today we’re finally covering a long time queer favorite – Rocky. And if youthink we’re talking about a down on his luck, Philadelphia boxer, who constantlywalks around with blood running down his face calling out for “Adrian!!!” – wellthen you’re probably straight and have stumbled upon the wron…

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