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120: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Today we’re finally covering a long time queer favorite –  Rocky. And if you think we’re talking about a down on his luck, Philadelphia boxer, who constantly walks around with blood running down his face calling out for “Adrian!!!” – well then you’re probably straight and have stumbled upon the wrong podcast. But if you’re queer then there’s only one real Rocky in your horror book. And of course, that’s the cult classic The Rocky Horror Picture Show. With the doom and gloom of the upcoming election in America, we thought we’d lighten the mood a bit by heading to Transylvania… or Denton if you want to get technical. And before we begin we just want to let our listeners know that we will be using some outdated language in accordance with the terminology used during the show. This does not mean it is appropriate to use this language today and there are many ways in which Rocky could be perceived as offensive today. But when we remember it in the context of its time, we can see how Dr. Frank-N-Furter certainly inspired a generation of LGBTQ+ people to celebrate their queer identity. So now let’s “come to the lab and see what’s on the slab!”

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89 Billy Porter: Pose Star, Fashion Queen

Billy Porter has come to redefine the industry and shatter every boundary and binary in his way. Though he’s been in the industry for over 30 years it’s only in the last few that this incredible star had been getting the recognition he deserves. A conscious choice made when Porter chose his authenticity over fame; a decision few would have had the tenacity to follow through on. But today his hard work, dedication, and unwavering moral stance have earned him the role of a lifetime. Starring as the enigmatic Pray Tell on the hit TV show Pose, Porter serves us Ballroom Culture realness as he emcee’s the nightly challenges. But before we get to that, let’s start back at Billy’s childhood. *And before we start. We do want to add a trigger warning as we will be discussing sexual abuse and trauma*.

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52: George Takei

Lets us boldly go where no queer has gone before and delve into the mystery of Queer Icon and Star Trek Legend George Takei.

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