Last Call Killer

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118: Richard Rogers; Last Call Killer

As we launch into October there are many things to celebrate. It’s LGBTQ+ history month, we’re just a few days before National Coming Out Day on October 11th, and also October serves as the original ‘Pride Month’. But all of that aside, what we really care about is Queer True Crime and October is Your Queer Stories True Crime month. So we thought what better way to kick the month off than to start with the underrated serial killer The Last Call Killer. Before we begin we want to put out a trigger warning for the entire month of October. We will be discussing blood, gore, violence, assault, sexual abuse, homophobia, queerphobia, transphobia, and more. So if you’re not up for any of that then please check out some of our past episodes. Last year’s Halloween episode discusses why October was the original Pride Month and our History of Drag episodes discusses the art behind many of the fabulous looks that are sure to be revealed this year. But for those of you still hear and ready for that queer true crime, let’s get into the life and mind of serial killer Richard Rogers, nicknamed, The Last Call Killer.

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