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117: Walter Mercado: LatinX Legend

We are in our final week of honoring Queer LatinX culture and history and it seems fitting to go out with the infamous Walter Mercado. The icon was an astrologer and T.V. spiritual advisor who held daily shows to over 120 million viewers at the height of his career. His charisma and charm captivated his followers while his androgynous identity baffled his critics. In a culture overrun with Catholicism and gender roles, Walter Mercado became a beacon of hope for many LatinX viewers who were also gender non-conforming. His defiance of the norms broke the barrier of sexuality and even at age 87 he couldn’t suppress a grin when folks questioned whether he still held onto his V-card. So let us dive into the mystical world that is Walter Mercado or – Walter of the Miracles.

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115: Amelio Robles Avila

For the next few weeks, we will be celebrating LatinX history month. September is chosen to remember LatinX history because of the significance around the Mexican War of Independence. This defining, 11-year war, both began and ended in the month of September. And it was through this struggle that Mexico gained independence from the colonization of Spain. For over 300 years Spanish military and priests had worked to eliminate the rich history of what is now known as Central and South America. The glory of the Aztec and Mayan empires of Mexico were erased along with the Incan kingdom of modern-day Peru. But these grand atrocities were only the beginning as countless smaller civilizations and tribes were killed off or enslaved during centuries of Spanish rule. 

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48: Sylvia Rivera

Queer Revolutionary – We’re back with guest host Vima Manfredo to cover the infamous Sylvia Rivera.

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47: Jose Julio Sarria Part 2: The Widow Norton

We’re back with the second half of the incredible story of Jose Julio Sarria – The Widow Norton.

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46: José Julio Sarria

The Nightingale Of Montgomery Street – Hey you queens. We’re here today for part one of the incredible stories of Jose Julio Sarria, the first openly gay man to run for office and the founder of the Imperial Court.

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