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For many, pride marks a remembrance of the radical history of the queer community including events such as the Stonewall riots, the work of grassroot movements such as ACT UP, and the many queer people who came before us who lost their lives never living in a world that accepted their love.

Pride has always been and will always be about rebellion, resilience, resistance, and being unapologetically yourself at max volume.

Pride music party
Pride party, Image Source

Sometimes, the best way to embody queer spirit is through the limitless connection of music. Whether you’re hosting a virtual celebration, gathering safely with your community, laying in the bathtub, or just celebrating what pride means, there are plenty of anthems to make you feel empowered and proud.

Don’t forget: a good Pride dance party is always best paired with direct action.

What makes a song a Pride anthem?

There's everything on our playlist from empowering songs of individuality and freedom, to heartfelt tracks that celebrate love in any and all forms. Regardless of which tune you blast at max volume, though, each of these songs for Pride captures the spirit and strength of the LGBTQIA+ community & are great picks for celebrating Pride at any time of the year.


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This pride playlist has been hand-crafted so you can have the ultimate pride party. Our playlist contains timeless classics such as It's Raining Men, I Wanna Dance with Somebody, I'm Every Woman, and Grove is in the Heart. You'll hear songs that don't often make the cut such as Bad Boys, Under Pressure, and Like the Way I Do. Finally, we've thrown in some newer stuff like Positions, Rain on Me, Liminal, and Blinding Lights.

Pride music playlist

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