It’s getting kinky Queerstians. We’re taking on an incredibly controversial and enigmatic figure in history, and we even brought in special guest Katie Hoffman to help us do it (hehehe “do it”). Check out The Marquis De Sade.

Marquis De SadeThe Marquis De Sade

The Count Donatien, also known as The Marquis de Sade, was a man who spent over half his life in the worst prisons of Paris for his sensuous and scandalous writings. Yet these works exposed the public’s love for the naughty, even if simply to gasp in shock and disdain. As France drowned in a bloody revolution, nationals further stirred their minds with dark fantasies that didn’t include a guillotine. We do want to state that these next two episodes may not be for everyone and there are trigger warnings of sexual and physical violence. But for the rest of our listeners, get those minds dirty and let’s get freaky with The Marquis de Sade! Learn about Brenda Howard, a bisexual, poly, switch.