In an era where the female sex was described as passionless and expected to marry and keep a home, many women revolted and banded together in Wellesley Marriages; Katharine Lee Bates included.

Portrait of Katharine Lee BatesThrough this comradery pairs of women split off and formed what was known as romantic friendships or Boston marriages. On the outside, these companionships were described as celibate. However, the deep feelings of love and yearning conveyed through letters and memoirs preserved paints a different picture. These women were passionately devoted to one another and often formed relationships that lasted their entire adult lives. In most cases, they were also both committed to a similar cause such as poverty, labor rights, women’s rights, protections for minorities and more. At one particular establishment, these partnerships thrived. And that place was Wellesley College. One of the oldest and most prestigious women’s colleges in America. In our latest episode, we talk about 3 couples comprised of 6 incredible women and the impact they had on our nation. Join us in celebrating the strength and power of the Wellesley Marriages. To learn more about lesbian history, check out our episode on The Daughters of Bilitis.

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