It’s a Wet and slippery journey through this episode. We welcome representative Joe Pascolla from Wet Lubricants to discuss all the amazing benefits of lube. And the benefits are endless!

From the strong sexual health proponents to the practical household uses there are plenty of reasons to keep a bottle of Wet Lube on hand. So join us on this incredibly fun and informative episode. You won’t regWET it!

A Brief History of Lube

Lube in early Greece. Image source

People have been lubing up for a loooong time. In fact, the earliest recorded use of olive oil was by the Greeks in 350 B.C. who used it to keep sex Wet. Folks even believed that “smooth sex” could keep them from getting pregnant. And over in East Asia, the sexually adventurous had found that yam soup worked as a lubricant. As well as the water leftover from boiled red seaweed. Throughout the centuries people developed other means to stay lubricated. And as the 1900’s roared into play vaseline and crisco became staples in sexual exploration. Even though public sex education and a plethora of porn videos were not yet available, everyone still knew that sex was better Wet.

In 1904, the first patented lubrication came onto the scene promoted as a surgical aid. Just over 10 years later in 1917 the product was being sold as a sexual lubricant, but ONLY with a prescription. The stigma around sex and sexual pleasure kept lube as a sought after yet taboo subject for the next 60+ years. It would take a brave and daring group of people to bring the topic into mainstream discussion. And the queers were just the folks with the backbone to do so. Though the conversation wasn’t brought up in regards to sexual pleasure, but rather as a way to stem the wave of the AIDS epidemic.

The early 1980’s had brought an onslaught of death among LGBTQ communities and especially among gay men. This was due to poor education about sexual health and the inability of queer people to access proper medical care. As gay rights activists fought to be seen and heard by our government, others took it upon themselves to inform their peers about safe sex practices. Condoms and lubricant were a must and began to be passed out in every gay bar and organization across the country. Lube especially was important as it prevents tearing during sexual play which diminishes transferences of fluids. Lubrication also greatly prevents condoms from breaking, which was and is a common issue even today.  

By the mid-80’s activists were responsible for getting lube from behind the pharmacy to over the counter. Simply the fact that people could buy lube at their local drugstore began to ease the stigma around the product. And it was at the height of the AIDs outbreak in 1989 that Web Lubricants was founded and began to revolutionize the industry. During the 90’s many lubes carried the ingredient nonoxynol-9, a spermicide believed to prevent HIV. However, the chemical was actually toxic for the body and corroded the vaginal and anal walls making the individual more suseptible to STI’s. After scientists reported this finding in 1996, Wet Lubricants became one of the first companies to remove the ingredient. Today the FDA takes a harsh stance against the ingredient and sex shops wont sell lubricants which contain nonoxynol-9.

As we entered the new millennium the conversation around sex and lube began to change. It was no longer viewed as simply a product that could reduce pain and risk of STIs, it was also seen as something that increased pleasure. Today lube is a multi million dollar industry and one of the companies leading the way is Wet Lubricants. But even with all the advancements our society has made towards sex positivity, there are still a lot of stigmas. So we invited Joe Pascolla from Wet Lubricants to come on the show and talk about why lube is so important. And how we can continue promote sex positivity. 


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Wet Lube Products

Wet Lube Products. Image Source

Some Facts about Wet Lubricants

Wet Lube Logo

  1. Founded in 1989 by Michael Trigg and Christian Franco and is a branch of Trigg Laboratories. Wet Lubricants has been a staple in the sexual health industry for over 30 years.
  2. In 2017 they relocated from California to Las Vegas, Nevada to continue expanding their production and outreach. The new facility houses every step of research, production, and testing, and is FDA approved.
  3. Today the company produces over 200,000 gallons of lube every year. Which according to Forbes Business is enough to fill 1.5 million Starbucks Venti cups. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does lube help prevent STD’s and STI’s?
    • Less likely for condoms to break
    • Less likely for tears and breaks in the skin
  • What are some other benefits of lube?
    • Reduces friction and pain (30% of women reported pain during vaginal intercourse)
    • Increases overall pleasure (70% of women reported that lube made sex more enjoyable)
    • There’s often a harmful stigma that partners shouldn’t need anything “extra”. In truth, the wetter the better.
  • Are there any non-sexual benefits to lube?
    • Hair frizz serum
    • Good for squeaks and creaks around the house
    • Moisturizer – good for the thighs to prevent chafing
    • Leather shiner – for shoes of BDSM play
    • Shaving lotion
    • Putting on latex clothing
  • There are 4 main formula types of lube. Silicone, Water, Oil, and a hybrid mix. But the big debate is usually Water vs Silicone!
    • Benefits of Silicone
      • Silicone is hyper-allergenic
      • It’s naturally longer lasting which means less stops to reapply
      • Way better for shower sex since it doesn’t easily wash away
      • A little goes a long way – Think of it as concentrated laundry detergent, yes 
    • Benefits of Water Based Lube
      • Water doesn’t stain – though most silicone lubes will disappear if washed right away
      • Water washes off easier and doesn’t leave that ‘sticky’ feeling
      • Safer for toys – as a general rule it’s best to keep silicone lube away from silicone toys.
  • Wet Lubricants tested as one of the safest main brands in 2010
    • The 2010 study by Microbicides found Wet Lube safer than Astroglide, Elbow Grease, KY Jelly, and ID Glide. What they found was this. Wet Lube and the control product PRE were safest because the hyperosmolar nature of the other lubricant gels were associated with cellular toxicity and may lead to increased risk of HIV infection.” Wet was the only silicone-based lubricant in the study. The others were water-based.
    • Wet removed nonoxynol-9 from products more than 20 years ago. Today the product is warned against by the FDA and most sex shops won’t sell lube containing the dangerous ingredient
  • What about for anal sex?
    • There are many anal lubricants out there including Wet Lubricants Uranus brand. If you’re going to use a non anal lube just go slow. Wet reps swear by Wet Platinum as a great versatile lube.
  • Is Wet Lubricants environmentally friendly?
    • Vegan Based Lube – Our water based products are formulated with non-GMO, vegan-friendly, Glycerin, USP, 99.5% (Natural) Kosher which is made from raw materials Palm Kernel Oil/ Palm Oil Products. They are of vegetable origin and natural. No materials of animal or synthetic origin are used. Our massage oils and shave creams are formulated with natural plant oil. *Taken from


  • Lube is a booming business. Sales are expected to increase 7% over the next 5 years with an estimated revenue of 1.5 Billion dollars. The growing interest is most likely due to an increase in sex positive attitudes. How do we continue this trend?
    • Sex Education
    • Positive portrayals in media
    • Parental conversations
    • Promoting sexual exploration through toys and fantasy

Your recommended resource is and our listeners can also get an extra 15% off Wet Lubes on Amazon by using promo code 15queerwet. Give yourself and opportunity to explore and expand your seuxual play. And once again remember, Wetter is Better. 


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