As I sit here, with Food Network as background noise, a sparkling water, and a list of other things I have to get done today, I am trying to find ways to introduce myself to the blogging world and write about who I am.  Perhaps there is a more philosophical question here...Who am I? What am I?   There have been moments in time when that question is difficult to answer, if I can answer it at all, with changes to my own understanding on my journey through life it is constantly evolving, changing for the better.  I'm new to this experience and no matter where you are in your own journey it is my sincerest hope that you'll read some of my thoughts, musing, concerns, etc. and we could journey to find our better selves together.

I was born and raised in the beautiful and interesting island of Puerto Rico.  Please, don't tell me it's exotic, or that I am exotic, it is frustrating and perhaps an article all itself, especially when it comes to fetishizing certain folx.  I went to school there, all the way through my undergraduate studies. In an alternate reality, I'm still there living and breathing all the island has to offer, but because I live in this reality, joined by all you lovely folx and a desire for adventure, and other reasons that are probably left for another day, I accepted an offer to come work in the Ocean State, the place founded on religious freedoms and tolerance– ironic at times- the smallest state with the longest name (though changing, I'm told), Rhode Island, almost sight unseen. I had only been in mainland USA 3 times before in my entire life, the longest stay was 2 weeks. But, I wanted to see the world, and a state that I never remember existing was apparently the perfect start! Ten years later, I am still in RI, but I am a completely different person than that 25 year old that decided to uproot and leave everything she knew behind.

What am I?  We could start any number of ways, but for an introduction, I am a lead engineer for a large company, and have recently completed my masters in Engineering and Management, I'm a board member for the Center of Sexual Pleasure and Health (The CSPH), the co-host of Down No Particular Road Podcast where my partner and I started discussing a wide range of topics from sexuality and general musings and have since moved on to talk about our camping adventures and the host of Virgin Territory Podcast by the CSPH, I'm also a frequent visiting voice in the Your Queer Story Podcast.

All of this still doesn't answer the question, “who am I?”. Let's try answering the question again (and probably again, and again, etc). I am an extroverted introvert, I am a bisexual woman in a hetero-passing relationship, an afro-latina and also sometimes considered not a person a color, an immigrant even as a US citizen, I am both Latinx and American, and neither at the same time. The final answer to the question “who am I?” is, that I am me, full of contradictions, dichotomies, and contrasting traits. However, the most important thing is who I strive to be. I strive to be compassionate, understanding, and kind; yet I'm not perfect but I'm getting better every day.